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"A lover of nonfiction eh? Anyone can get lost in a book." Nods with Nathan agreeing with him. "She has a daughter as well. Always moving about considering she has hunters after her. You seem very kind, to be able to take those who are willing rather than by force. About Andrew though, maybe it would be best I spoke to him and see what he did to anger the vampires. Get an idea and use that to somehow calm their senses and stop the unwanted from happening."

Teodor nodded, before frowning as he heard someone scream. “Stupid technopath…” He muttered, before going to fix whatever the problem was.

"Oh Rasmus and his slipups don’t worry Teo has it handled."

"Alright… He hasn’t slept in even longer than me though… And be careful he’s been a vamp even longer and tends to view other beings as just bags of blood."

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Chuckles nodding as he shook Nathon's hand. " I know a vampire. A friend, but she's always moving about." Smiles at the comment nodding. "Yes, personifications of a country. I can say the same for you. I'm always amazed to meet new vampires of the sort. You remind me of someone I know." Pulls back looking over at Jess and Teodor. "Where is Andrew? I presume he's busy."

"The one who caused all the trouble." Jess laughed. "Where do you figure he is Teo."

"And my Mate. Probably, get his nose in a good nonfiction book and he can be reading it for ages and not notice anything else." Teodor couldn’t hold back a snort. "It used to annoy me to no end."

Nathan nodded. “Most of our kind are at least somewhat nomadic- it’s risky to stay in the same place, like the werewolves, since we can’t always hide our differences as easily. No… I was one of the rare few who’d make sure my victims were willing and I didn’t have to erase their memories or kill them afterwards.”

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Looking over as a man practically crashed into the shelf while coming down. Watching him shrug it off as he walked over Matt stared pretty amazed though it shouldn't surprise him. "Hey there I'm Matthew. It's nice to you meet you." Smiling he held out his hand for introduction.

Nathan smiled at that, taking a good firm grip on Matthews hand and shaking it slowly. This was why Vampires had to be so careful about their strength, was they could easily hurt Humans with it. But. He had clearly not had his sleep and so his control of that was starting to erode. “Likewise… Personifications, hm? What a concept. I’ve known about your kind for a while and I’m still amazed when I think about it.” He laughed. Something about him vaguely reminded one of Gilbert. Maybe it was the mischievous grin?

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"Hm well should at least credit you nevertheless. It's your work and something you created that he's simply modifying or making better. But maybe it is for the best, I suppose if you're okay with it, that's alright." Crosses his arms nodding. "So to Rome it is then. Oh did you try yelling their name through out the house. Unless someone is napping never mind that suggestion. Sounds childish but usually it works if they hear you call and will come down."

Jess sighed and nodded.

Teodor nodded at that. “ANDREW! NATHAN! Kur tu esi du!”

It wasn’t long before a fairly drowsy Nathan stumbled into the room, colliding with a nearby piece of furniture. Any normal human would have been seriously hurt by that but the vampire just shrugged it off.

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"Still he meets the man. That's enough to amaze me. You should get credit for the work considering it was something you made." Sighs at the how far the council is placed. "Would there be a chance they would come here or would other's come instead. I could always take a plane to Rome and see what I can do I suppose." Looks over at Teodor confused. "Andrew isn't here? Who is Nathan? Wouldn't it be safer if they were here."

"I know… But there’s nothing I can do about it really. Unless I want to try and legally dispute this which- … I have no patience with legal work unless it’s something that needs to be done. Besides, it’s in the best hands it could be I figure."

"They usually don’t leave their place but every 50 or so years to check up on how stuff’s doing in the other parts of the world… And Andrew and Nathan are here I’m just saying this is a huge ass house. And with all the human scale rooms in the wall who knows where they are."

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"You did a good job recreating it from simple blue prints. I'm sure you got it from your parents. Matt knows Tony Stark? That man is brilliant, isn't he famous?" Ponders at the mans words nodding. "So if I were to request to talk to him, odds are I will be able to. I would gladly try to convince the leader not to go through with this. How may I contact the leader, what is the best way to get to him."

"Not quite knows, but they met at a techie convention- Price for his work is Stark gets to use the tech how he sees fit to as well… But I don’t mind."

"They’re a very secretive sort, even I don’t fully know everything… I do know the council is centered somewhere in Rome though. Oh where are Andrew and Nathan when they are needed-"

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One of the (many) things I love about Hetalia is that the male characters engage in ‘traditionally feminine’ activities.

Germany and Austria both bake.
Russia knits
England embroiders
Poland crossdress
Netherlands likes romantic poetry

And none of this takes away from how fucking badass they are. While we talk about how Hetalia subverts gender roles, lets not forget the Hungary has been described by Himaruya as the manliest character in the show/comic/manga

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"Maybe you should fix the collar so that it won't hurt when you change back. It seems painful to use when it has glitches. Why don't you have it fixed before using it?" Looks over at the Teodor nodding. "So there are several leaders. Is there any way we can talk to them and make negotiations? Somehow prevent all this from happening."

"Yeah… Yeah that’d be a good idea I just dunno how. My Parents were the inventors not me. Matt said he took the designs to Tony Stark though, hopefully he’ll be able to do something."

"Request company with the counsel but they tend not to listen to outcasts… Our best bet would be for you to request for us." 

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